Getting involved outside of the classroom

This is a picture of my wall at home chronicling my four years at UTM. I’ve collected name tags, pictures, awards, and my 480 poster. – Addy Badal (BCom, 2019)

Have you ever wondered why so many people get involved on campus? You also might wonder how those people manage to juggle their academic schedule with their extracurricular activities.
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A twist on the traditional

IMIC Experiential Information Session 2019 (Innovation Complex, UTM)

If there’s one thing I appreciate, it is the opportunity to try on something before I am required to commit to it. It might just be me, but having the ability to try on clothes before buying them, or spending a few weeks in a course before deciding if it’s really for me gives me the comfort of knowing that I am making the right decision for a particular goal I want to achieve (i.e., refreshing my wardrobe, or boosting my GPA).

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Convocation: an introspective

Blog Post - August

It’s hard not to get even a little bit sentimental, taking bold strides up the four steps towards the Chancellor. One foot after the other. Mentally repeating ‘don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip.’ To think that four years of studies have cumulated to this very moment. Behind me, a roar of applause from the crowd gathered in Convocation Hall. I turn around, smile, and give a brief wave to my friends and peers who have traded their usual jeans and t-shirts for black gowns and coloured hoods. It’s surreal that all my hard work led to this point. Continue reading “Convocation: an introspective”