What you need to know about UTM’s new student society, IMI Business Association

IBA group shot

Up until last year, the two student business societies on campus were the Undergraduate Commerce Society (UCS) and the Student Management Association (SMA). With a common goal to serve and engage undergraduate business students, it made sense to create one unified association that encompasses the Commerce and Management programs.

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How to pick business clothes you actually like

'Johnson, I think you misunderstood our Casual Fridays dress code.'
I recently went shopping with a friend of mine to Square One to find potential articles of clothing or jewelry I could add to my wardrobe.

I stopped in front of Le Chateau and contemplated upon going in. Did I really want to spend time looking for business clothes?  They’re just so bland and boring…

I’m sure each of you have had this thought at some point or another. After all, there are so many rules to follow, certain colours to pick, certain styles and designs to adhere to and quite a lot to avoid.
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