Making the most out of your ‘new grad’ status


What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says the words, new grad?Education, experience, motivation, professionalism, networking: these are all of the things that come to my mind.

There is no one well-defined way of going about the transition from student to new grad. Each person encounters their own set of challenges and opportunities, however, there certainly is a ubiquitous, agreed-upon list of things you could do to make this transition easier and advantageous.
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Campus hacks


Listen – we get it. Finding shortcuts around campus can always be a challenge, especially if you don’t know many people or can’t recognize where to go. Sometimes, you don’t even know what you need! Here are a few tips generated by our First-year Experience Work-study group (students in years 2, 3 and 4) to cover the basics.
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Expectations vs reality

autumn-1655915_1920October has officially set in and I assume that things are rolling.

People are getting busy with work and studies, preparing for midterms, applying for jobs, and setting time aside for personal endeavours.

As such, we often have many decisions – or trade-offs – to make in our lives which ultimately carve the way for our future.  How do we balance this?

I distinctly remember attending a conference three years ago in which a speaker broke it down to us quite bluntly: there are 24 hours in a day, about 8 – 10 hours are spent doing work (or studying), 3 hours are spent in eating, 2 hours are spent for personal hygiene/grooming, another 3 hours are gone in leisure, and the remaining 6-8 are spent in sleeping.

What time do we have to spare?  “Well, who needs sleep, anyway?” he so eloquently put it.
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Get work experience at UTM

Aditi Shah showcases her work experience at the annual Director’s Circle and Awards night.

If you have completed 14 credits and would like to gain some work experience, check out the MGT480 Internship Course offered exclusively to Commerce and Management students. Whether your interests lie in marketing, finance, accounting, or human resources, our professional development & careers officer will help you find a suitable placement in the private or public sector.
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The first full-time job jitters


The best part of being a kid is the sheer quality of unapologetic curiosity – it is simply the optimism and sense of adventure we held as children that makes us who we are today.

The reason we can test our limits and push ourselves to take challenges stems from this curiosity. For most of us, the journey to success and happiness is a constant pursuit of knowledge and opportunity.

For me, this September marks the next stage of my life wherein instead of going to school, I must prepare for a career.
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