The financial landscape of Toronto


For those unfamiliar with the term, Fintech is the new age combination of two fields – Finance and Technology – to create sustainable products in the finance sector.

One popular example is of Bitcoin, whose market value five years ago was $0.30 per piece, rising to $700 last year, and is currently at approx. $11,000 apiece today.

What is it about such products that is causing a ruckus? Is it a bubble, a fad, or a step towards the future? Since we live in a major financial hub of the world, I would like to use this opportunity to discuss the nature of Toronto’s financial landscape as you will inevitably have a role to play in the future.
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Making friends: Reflections from a BBA grad


The friends you make during your university years are the friends you keep for a lifetime. You share and undergo similar experiences of growth and development that eventually bond you for life. 

In my first year, I found it slightly difficult to make friends in lecture halls filled with 500 students, but I was lucky enough that I could live in residence with three other roommates who eventually became my dearest friends.

Don’t fret, there may be hope for you yet! If, like me, you find yourself struggling to come out of your shell, here are some ways that will help you overcome your shyness.
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Making the most out of your ‘new grad’ status


What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says the words, new grad?Education, experience, motivation, professionalism, networking: these are all of the things that come to my mind.

There is no one well-defined way of going about the transition from student to new grad. Each person encounters their own set of challenges and opportunities, however, there certainly is a ubiquitous, agreed-upon list of things you could do to make this transition easier and advantageous.
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