Tonight I can’t sleep.

It’s 2:42 a.m. My alarm is set for 6:50 a.m. and here I am – typing in bed: I hope you had a good break and enjoyed the holidays. I had a total of 10 days off. I stayed in the GTA with my family and did nothing. It was fantastic! The holidays, in general, were as expected – merriment mixed with family, friends and just a touch of yelling, frustration, and the occasional moment of exasperation. A little bit messy, but a little bit beautiful, too.
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Telecom powerhouse Bell Canada connects with U of T Mississauga


Everyone has heard of BCE (more commonly known as Bell) as one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies. The firm is known for its unrelenting focus on innovation and being the “King of Content” with investments in their broadband fibre and wireless network infrastructure surpassing $4 billion a year, and significant investments in many of the iconic entertainment and sports brands we know and love.
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4 priceless lessons that made my university experience worth it


While I don’t have any major regrets, looking back on each of my four years in undergrad there are a few lessons I wish I’d known earlier that could have made a world of difference. Although some of this advice might seem obvious, I’m hoping you will find something useful regardless of your year of study.
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