Limelight: a student vlog series

Limielight insta

Limelight is a ​video series for students who are interested in different fields of business and who want to gain insight through the lens of business professionals. Get tips and tricks from experts on how to navigate the business world.

It was created and produced by UTM Management’s undergraduate students: Bipasha Gandhi , Aimen Nauman, Alina Saif and Yoshita Sehjpal. Catch them on the last Wednesday of every month, here, at

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A few weeks ago a person I knew died in an accident.

She was young and vibrant, full of joy and had an infectious excitement for life. It was – is – tragic.

While we were not close, there was a time when she was a big part of my life and we interacted daily. She went out of her way to help me and to build in to my life: she made a difference.

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