What you need to know about UTM’s new student society, IMI Business Association

IBA group shot

Up until last year, the two student business societies on campus were the Undergraduate Commerce Society (UCS) and the Student Management Association (SMA). With a common goal to serve and engage undergraduate business students, it made sense to create one unified association that encompasses the Commerce and Management programs.

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Limelight: a student vlog series

Limielight insta

Limelight is a ​video series for students who are interested in different fields of business and who want to gain insight through the lens of business professionals. Get tips and tricks from experts on how to navigate the business world.

It was created and produced by UTM Management’s undergraduate students: Bipasha Gandhi , Aimen Nauman, Alina Saif and Yoshita Sehjpal. Catch them on the last Wednesday of every month, here, at utmbizlife.com.

Stay tuned!

A twist on the traditional

IMIC Experiential Information Session 2019 (Innovation Complex, UTM)

If there’s one thing I appreciate, it is the opportunity to try on something before I am required to commit to it. It might just be me, but having the ability to try on clothes before buying them, or spending a few weeks in a course before deciding if it’s really for me gives me the comfort of knowing that I am making the right decision for a particular goal I want to achieve (i.e., refreshing my wardrobe, or boosting my GPA).

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Telecom powerhouse Bell Canada connects with U of T Mississauga


Everyone has heard of BCE (more commonly known as Bell) as one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies. The firm is known for its unrelenting focus on innovation and being the “King of Content” with investments in their broadband fibre and wireless network infrastructure surpassing $4 billion a year, and significant investments in many of the iconic entertainment and sports brands we know and love.
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Making friends: Reflections from a BBA grad


The friends you make during your university years are the friends you keep for a lifetime. You share and undergo similar experiences of growth and development that eventually bond you for life. 

In my first year, I found it slightly difficult to make friends in lecture halls filled with 500 students, but I was lucky enough that I could live in residence with three other roommates who eventually became my dearest friends.

Don’t fret, there may be hope for you yet! If, like me, you find yourself struggling to come out of your shell, here are some ways that will help you overcome your shyness.
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