Top 5 stress management tips for students

Innovation Complex, UTM (Photo illustration by Aymen Saeed)

Midterms, assignments and quizzes – there are plenty of reasons for stress and anxiety to build up and take control of your day-to-day activities. At times, everything feels overwhelming and you can’t figure out where to start. As a Commerce student, I know first-hand how tough it can get. But with most problems there is a solution, and as the cliché goes, where there is a will, there is a way.
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4 priceless lessons that made my university experience worth it


While I don’t have any major regrets, looking back on each of my four years in undergrad there are a few lessons I wish I’d known earlier that could have made a world of difference. Although some of this advice might seem obvious, I’m hoping you will find something useful regardless of your year of study.
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