What you need to know about UTM’s new student society, IMI Business Association

IBA group shot

Up until last year, the two student business societies on campus were the Undergraduate Commerce Society (UCS) and the Student Management Association (SMA). With a common goal to serve and engage undergraduate business students, it made sense to create one unified association that encompasses the Commerce and Management programs.

With the support of students, staff and faculty, IMI Business Association (IBA) was formed in March 2019. You might have already heard of us while walking around campus during Clubs Week or you’ve seen our logo (see below) in the Student Centre.


How can IBA have an impact on your time at UTM?
IBA is run by students with the support of the Department of Management. It seeks to provide students with professional development opportunities and helps them grow outside of the classroom through yearly activities and events. Our goal is to help students improve their leadership and time management skills, critical and creative thinking, collaboration, ability to work under pressure – and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

“We want to bridge the gap between what students learn in the classroom and the necessary skills employers are looking for.” – Mueed Fiaz, IBA President.

IBA is divided into three broad categories: professional development, student engagement and clubs and committees. Each category is equally important to IBA’s ultimate goal: to bridge the gap between academia and the workforce.

  1. In professional development, students can engage in academic-oriented initiatives and the mentorship program.
  2. Through student engagement, students are brought together with professionals from the business world through engaging events.
  3. The clubs and committees division organizes the only undergrad sustainability-focused business case competition, as well as a marketing case competition.

All of these initiatives are carefully crafted and carried out under the supervision of the seven executives of IBA. These roles include the President, VP of Finance, VP External Relations, VP Student Engagement, VP Professional Development, VP Clubs and VP Communication.

Each executive has a team of student leaders. The presidential team includes a Chief of Staff, an Equity Officer, and an Executive Secretary. The Vice-Presidents have teams that include directors, chairs, and associates. All members of IBA collaborate to bring events to the students.

Alongside these divisions, IBA offers a range of social responsibility initiatives that students can be involved in to improve the welfare of our community.

IBA is focused on growing and establishing its brand to add value to the prestigious degrees offered at UTM, as well as becoming a highly regarded society on and off campus. So, join us on this journey of growing together so we can graduate from UTM with professional knowledge and experience!

Oh and um…don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @IBAUTM

Masha Shavrina
Second-year student,
Digital Enterprise Management (DEM)



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