When Saturday ends with tears in bed


My plan was to write about the CPA process after graduation, going into details about what options are out there and how to best prepare for the exams and the struggle of PERT reporting. But I’m sitting here on a Saturday, and it just seems boring.

I don’t want to write it, and you probably don’t want to read it. There are a lot of places to get that information, especially on campus. Look it up (I suggest before December). Plus it doesn’t apply to everyone. Yes! Justified.

To me, these blog posts feel like a conversation. A conversation where I don’t actually see you and you don’t say anything back. Almost like you have to listen to what I want to say…

…so I think today, I want to talk about crying and Saturdays.

My summer of transition has ended (shameless plug of my last post). I began work on October 1st and last Saturday, I did nothing. Kind of living the dream from the viewpoint of a university student. For the first time in over 49 months I have nothing to study, no upcoming exams or projects, no clubs, no events, no Professional Skills Development Program (PSDP) points to collect. Me time. I had a hot bath. I binged Netflix. It was quintessentially relaxing.

But I found myself listless. Bored. Wandering around my house, and finally in my bed crying.

The transition period between school and work has ended. I have yet to fully adjust after/through it, but I wanted to give you a heads up:

I graduated and started work—at the place I wanted to—and let me tell you, I love my firm! It is all kinds of awesome. I like my job; it’s new and exciting and I’m challenged and learning all the time surrounded by a great team.

But I’ve come out on the other side of a four-year goal. Something I worked so hard and long for, something that consumed my life. And now it’s gone, the goal is achieved, and the spot it took up in my life is empty. My life is #blessed, but it still feels different.

You may not experience this phenomenon, but if my conversations with recently graduated friends are any indication, it’s not limited to me. I like to think I’m pretty self-aware, but this—these feelings—caught me by surprise.

You need to know: if you wake up one day after graduation and find yourself crying in bed, you’re not alone.

As for me, I’m going to take some time to reconnect with the people around me: my family, my friends. Maybe find a hobby that isn’t Netflix. And I’ll keep writing, letting you know how things go as I adjust to this new state of normal.

Andrea Koop,
B.Com., Class of 2018

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