6 useful resources for first-year students


Are you in your first-year exploring possible Commerce or Management courses and programs being offered through the Department of Management? Here are some useful resources that will lead you in the right direction and hopefully ease your first-year jitters.

  • Course Selection – See an academic advisor 

If you have any questions about what is required to get into your desired specialization in Commerce or Management, or concerns regarding your course selections, book an appointment with the academic advisor: mgtadvisor@utoronto.ca or (905) 569-5752

  • Program Selection – TRY IT WEEK (PSDP Program)

For students who are unsure of which specialization to pursue in Commerce or Management, Try it Week offers opportunities to experience an upper-year mock lecture delivered by senior faculty members in Accounting, Finance, Management, Human Resources, and Marketing.

Although these one-hour sessions will not cover all topics in the programs, students will get a taste of what the specializations entail and have the opportunity to ask questions before choosing the most suitable programs of study.

All the mock lectures take place during a week in March before Subject Post selection period.

  • Career Path / Job Search – The PDLC 

The Professional Development & Learning Centre (PDLC) is the answer to the Department of Management’s many career-related programs and activities.

It is a space for students, employers, alumni and community partners who add value to our professional offerings within the Department of Management.

It is a centre for collaboration and learning which will brand our students and the Department as one with a leading focus on experiential development and overall student success.

  • Building Relationships – BizMentorship

Do you want to transition into the Commerce program with ease? Do you want to make new friends?

BizMentorship gives you the best of both worlds by pairing a first- or second-year student with an upper-year student who is in the Commerce program and likely in the field of their mentee.

Sign up to be a MENTEE and you can get help when it comes to job exploration, career guidance and learn about various opportunities that UTM has to offer. You can get advice from someone who has already taken those tough courses and experienced UTM Life!

  • Studying – Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre

Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre is located at Room390K, Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre (3rd floor library).

The academic skills center offers a full range of workshops, seminars and individual consultations to help students identify and develop the academic skills they need for success in their studies, and they work collaboratively with University of Toronto Mississauga faculty and teaching assistants to help deliver the best possible environments in their classes, labs and tutorials.

Students can sign up for drop-in appointments and get one-on-one academic supports with experts there.

  • Study and resources space – FINANCE LEARNING CENTRE

The Li Koon Chun Finance Learning Centre (FLC) is the knowledge partner of the Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI) at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM).

FLC provides specialized information resources, services, and expertise that bridges theory and practice.

It’s a quite study space with dual screen computers, which equipped with various premium software such as FactSet, Bloomberg, Sustainalytics, QuickBooks, MeXL and many others, which students can use for researching, projects and exploring real-time market data. Besides that, you can get various supports on how to use these programs.



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