MGT case competitions that can earn you cash prizes


Case competitions are a great way to exercise your analytical skills, presentation skills, and networking skills. Victory in these competitions may even earn you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in cash prizes – and make a significant dent in your tuition.
In some competitions you will get a case to prepare in advance, but usually you will get the case on the day of the competition and develop a case presentation in just a few hours. Below are some of the case competitions hosted at UTM, but feel free to search for external competitions and receive 50% funding from the Department while you’re at it.

Ready, Set, Market! (RSM)

RSM is the first marketing case competition at UTM. In a team, you will analyze a real company and come up with a marketing solution for the business. You can also win cash prizes if you get in the top 3!

Show Me The Green (SMG)

If you have a passion for sustainability and innovation, then you should check out SMG! Hosted by the Undergrad Commerce Society, this conference centres on shaping the business leaders of tomorrow, while also introducing a sustainable invention or practice and how to implement it within a business entity.

Delegates must be able to prove this implementation will have a positive effect on the environment as well as increase revenue, save costs, or increase operational efficiency for their respective companies. The top 3 winners also get cash prizes up to $3000 per team!

IMI Finance Competition

If you’re into stocks and trading, make sure to participate in this competition. Just like playing an online game, you can trade stocks and make money virtually. If you have a great investing strategy, you can present your strategy in front of a panel of industry judges. Don’t forget about awards, prizes, and networking too!

IMI Competition Group

If you are into case competitions, check out the opportunity at IMIC. You will be part of an elite team to represent UTM at many internal and external case competitions. You will also receive personalized training from professors.

Conference Funding

Did you know that if you want to attend an external case competitions or conferences, the Department of Management can cover 50% of the cost? This is just one of the ways that the Department supports the diverse professional development of its students. But don’t forget to submit proper documentation to get your reimbursements.

It’s simple to do, just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Fill out and submit Expense Reimbursement Request Form with your signature (if you are ensure how to fill it out, check out How To – Expense Reimbursement Form).
  2. Keep and submit your receipt for the conference that contains your name.
  3. After the event or conference, fill out and submit the Conference Funding Summary Updated document. This document tells us about what you learned in your conference / competition experience.

That’s it! Just submit all three documents to KN 2268, the undergraduate program office and wait for your reimbursement in 2-4 weeks. If U of T has your bank account info, then you will receive a direct deposit. If not, wait for a cheque issued in your name.

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