Campus hacks


Listen – we get it. Finding shortcuts around campus can always be a challenge, especially if you don’t know many people or can’t recognize where to go. Sometimes, you don’t even know what you need! Here are a few tips generated by our First-year Experience Work-study group (students in years 2, 3 and 4) to cover the basics.

  • UTMSU Tax Clinic
    Apart from helping students file their taxes, the UTMSU also offers work positions for students in Commerce. A tax clinic assistant will be trained extensively by Canada Renenue Agency (CRA) requirements and will receive a certification acknowledging qualification directly from the CRA upon completion of the training. These positions are limited, but are valid for the entire Fall/Winter study period and are a great base for understanding the Canadian tax system. Moreover, since it is a paid position, it is definitely something worth putting on your resume.
  • Microsoft Office
    A beneficial resource that UTM provides is the availability of OneDrive and Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) to all students, free of cost. To be eligible for this deal, students must have a valid UTmail+ account in order to be able to run the software in up to 5 devices. Get more information here or drop by the Help Desk/Computing Services booth at the CCT Atrium.
  • Teaching Assistant/Invigilator
    While it is important to keep in touch with professors and demonstrate your interest in the subject, there are also positions for students who receive a 4.0 GPA in certain topics. Every year, students have the opportunity to apply for MGT and/or ECO Teaching Assistant positions in which they are required to hold tutorials and office hours for the course(s) they have excelled in. Another similar opportunity is that of an invigilator in which the student is required to be present for and monitor an exam during its entirety. Both positions are paid. Students can apply for TA positions through the respective Department website, and apply for Invigilator positions through the Registrar’s website.
  • Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLN)
    The CLN is your one stop shop for searching internal and external job postings, connecting with employers, alumni, and faculty, as well as finding meaningful volunteer work. Students are also able to register for important events such as career fairs, information sessions, professional workshops and non-UofT related conferences across all 3 campuses. Visit the CLN for more information.
  • Career Centre
    The Career Centre offers a plethora of resources to help kick-start your transition to a professional role. You can find information on various job descriptions, do a skills-matching test to find your compatibility with certain fields, learn to network, understand the powers of self-branding and even get your resume and cover letter critiqued! Although most workshops can be booked via CLN, students are encouraged to visit the Career Centre’s website for more info.
  • Volunteering
    Volunteering is a great way to begin making an impact in your community and to gain some experience. There are several clubs on campus that have initiatives benefitting communities both inside and outside of Canada. These opportunities are great because they provide students with a much different perspective, while also giving them some of the work-skills that are required in the workforce. Apply to some on campus charities and organizations today to make a difference tomorrow!

Got some tips of your own? Share it with us and the rest of UTM’s  Commerce and Management community.


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