Jump in: UTM’s research pool


“What is this?” You may be wondering.

No, it is not a game of pool that you can bet on. However, you can contribute to important academic research, and maybe earn some extra pocket money from this! It is a unique and fun experience and it doesn’t take much time to register.

What is it?

UTM Research Pool is a research base designed to understand Economic and Management students. It is a set of experiments (no, not laboratory ones). They test your ability to solve problems or perform a task.

Who is it for?

It is catered towards UTM Economics and Management students. However they accept anyone who wants to participate.

Where is it happening?

The experiments take place at the Li Koon Chun Finance Learning Centre lab in the Innovation Complex (Kaneff Building).

When does it happen?

UTM Research Pool takes place only in the winter semester.

How to sign up?

Registering is very simple.

You need to sign up with your UTORid on the UTM Management Research Participation System site. Once you register, an email is sent to you with the link to select which experiments you want to be a part of. You can sign up for any of the experiments you are comfortable with. There is no mandatory number that you need to sign up for. Also, there are new experiments posted regularly, so if there isn’t anything you like check again later.

Why sign up?

It will be an amazing opportunity, a great learning experience AND you get paid for your participation!

Added Bonus?

This is probably what you’ve been wondering about the most. That’s why I put it at the end so you can learn about what UTM Research Pool is and get you more excited…

Did it work?

As a kind thank-you for your time, at the end of your participation you will receive some cash payment depending on your response to the experiment. The typical reward is around $15 to $40.

It’s as easy as that. Take some time for a great opportunity to contribute to research in Management!



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