The latest offering in upper-year UTM Management courses


First-year courses can be a drag. They’re introductory and general, but by second year the number of interesting and specialized courses offered grows. In your upper years, you will have more options to pick MGT or MGM electives that suit your interests.

Here are some new courses offered this year.

  • MGT417H5F Communications and Professional Development
    Being able to communicate effectively is a valued skill in business as well as in everyday life. Through personal impromptus, speeches and group presentations, students will improve their communication skills. The course will enable students to present with confidence and clarity as well as give them the “communicative edge.” These valuable skills will be useful to you in your class presentations and beyond. Students have the option of CR/NCR for this course, but it won’t count as a program requirement. This course is also offered in spring!
  • MGT415H5F Special Topics in Financial Technology
    This course will explore technological innovations, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology that FinTechs use. Students will analyze the business models of three to four successful FinTech firms, and study the process of founding, financing, and scaling of a startup. A major component of the course is for students to develop their own product or startup idea as a team. The course will feature several industry speakers, and hands-on workshops.
  • MGT355H5F Pricing
    Approaches pricing decision as an intersection of economics and psychology. Using product categories as diverse as financial services, healthcare, industrial products and consumer packaged goods, students study dynamic pricing, value pricing, price customization, price bundling and multi-part tariffs, menu costs and price stickiness, sales promotions, and pricing in two-sided markets.
  • MGT458H5F Big Data and Marketing Analysis
    Recent advances in computer technology have led to an explosion in the amount of data available for companies to use for market research. In order to be effective as a marketing manager today, it is necessary to understand how to apply cutting edge statistical models to large databases, such as scanner data, loyalty program data, or internet marketing data, and to be able to obtain managerial insights from model results.
  • MGT416H5S Special Topics in Managing Global Health
    This course applies concepts in strategy and marketing to the non-profit health sector. The course will use insights from psychology and economics to address significant social challenges in global health. Students will learn to design, market, deliver, and price health products and services. Students will also learn to maximize value for users and measure social impact.

If you are in Human Resources Management, there are also new courses such as:

  • MGM360 Compensation
  • MGM464 Recruitment and Selection
  • MGM466 Training and Development
  • MGM364 Labour Relations
  • MGM365 HR Planning
  • MGM465 Occupational Health and Safety

Click here for more information on all courses.

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