Get work experience at UTM

Aditi Shah showcases her work experience at the annual Director’s Circle and Awards night.

If you have completed 14 credits and would like to gain some work experience, check out the MGT480 Internship Course offered exclusively to Commerce and Management students. Whether your interests lie in marketing, finance, accounting, or human resources, our professional development & careers officer will help you find a suitable placement in the private or public sector.
When I did the internship course for marketing, I was placed in a non-profit organization called EcoSpark, which aims to raise awareness of environmental education throughout schools in the GTA.

After the initial meeting with my supervisor, I got a better understanding of the organization and started working on planning social media marketing campaigns. Most of the time I could work from home, but it was also great to be physically present in the office for one day a week.

At the end of the semester, I wrote a research report on a topic related to marketing and incorporated my own work experience into it. Then I presented my report in front of my supervisor and classmates.

If you plan to take this course in winter 2018, you probably will work on a concluding poster presentation on your experience and showcase it on the annual Director’s Circle and Awards night.

How to apply for the internship course?

This course is typically offered in the winter term, but application process starts in the fall term. You will need to attend an information session, as well as submit a tailored resume and cover letter for the interest area that you are applying to.

Keep in mind that there is a minimum CGPA requirement of 3.0. Once your application is reviewed by the professor and our professional development officer, you will be notified for an interview with a prospective organization. If you are successful in the interview, CONGRATS!

Stay tuned in September for more info about the internship course!



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