I know what you did last summer…and didn’t do.


The four months of summer vacation in your university years may seem like a lot of time to recuperate from studying for the other eight months (unless you are taking summer school).

But in between lying on the beach and biking around the lakeshore, there are some easy and simple things you can do to help you better prepare for the upcoming new school year.

Reflect on how you did last semester and think of new goals for the upcoming semester.

  • Did you manage your time well?
  • Did you only focus on academics and didn’t make an effort to attend professional development events?
  • Did you make meaningful new connections on campus? It might be time to reconnect?
  • Summer is the perfect time to think through how you can improve yourself in the upcoming new semester. Come up with a list of goals–academic, personal, or career.

Edit and revise your resume and LinkedIn profile, especially if you have a part-time or full-time summer job.

  • If you found an awesome summer job, don’t forget to document major accomplishments so that you won’t be scrambling to update your resume later on.

Plan out your courses for the upcoming year and future years.

  • Do your research on upper-year elective courses and see which ones will most benefit your interests.

Check out last year’s events list and think of which ones you should aim to attend for the upcoming year.

  • If you didn’t make it to many professional development events in the past academic year and want to attend more starting in September, take a look at the major case competitions or recruitment events that took place.

Prepare a 1-minute elevator pitch for yourself.

  • Highlight your education, skills, experiences, and career objectives concisely.
  • This will come in handy when networking events start happening in September.

Of course, don’t forget to travel, connect with friends and family, and relax! With good planning, the new school year will be busy but in a fulfilling way.


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