A few weeks ago a person I knew died in an accident.

She was young and vibrant, full of joy and had an infectious excitement for life. It was – is – tragic.

While we were not close, there was a time when she was a big part of my life and we interacted daily. She went out of her way to help me and to build in to my life: she made a difference.

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A twist on the traditional

IMIC Experiential Information Session 2019 (Innovation Complex, UTM)

If there’s one thing I appreciate, it is the opportunity to try on something before I am required to commit to it. It might just be me, but having the ability to try on clothes before buying them, or spending a few weeks in a course before deciding if it’s really for me gives me the comfort of knowing that I am making the right decision for a particular goal I want to achieve (i.e., refreshing my wardrobe, or boosting my GPA).

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